The hyper-romantic label Truly Love Me™ is part of Maison M’Elise and was created by bridal designer Maaike Elise Stofferis in July 2016. The label is a creative feminine space, reflecting on devotion and our finest feelings. Wedding ceremonies are as old as time immemorial; they are an ancient ritual in which we declare our mutual love and faith in each another.  In all its variety across cultures and ears, this beautiful celebration is the inspiration for our exquisite gowns. 

When you wear a Truly Love Me™ dress you will find it laced throughout with delicate treasures that we meticulously sewn into our bespoke garments. Our vision is to create a bridal dress that speaks eloquently of the love between you and your betrothed. You are our muse. Truly Love Me™ is known for its elegance, cultural eclecticism and hyper-romantic style. Our gowns will tell your unique story. We will make you the bride you dream of, that is our raison d'être.